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Soups are an institution in Thailand, eaten from breakfast to dinner. However, it is an aspect of the culinary culture that can go largely unnoticed by visitors to the Kingdom, including long-time residents.


This is because many varieties of soup are sold by specialised restaurants or stalls. On the one hand, they can be a bit "intimidating" with their menu written exclusively in Thai and, on the other hand, they are sometimes open at times that are not naturally when Westerners eat soups (in the morning, for example).


With this book, we wanted to help you discover or rediscover a very rich and interesting part of Thai culinary culture.


In the following pages you will find well-known recipes such as spicy-sour soup with prawns (tom yam kung) or coconut soup with galangal and chicken (tom kha kai). You will also discover soups that are extremely popular with the Thai people such as "boat noodles" or "rad na". Finally, you will learn how to make soups from home cooking, whose beauty lies in their simplicity, such as banana blossom soup or fish soup with herbs.


These soups require a dizzying number of ingredients. To help you find your way around and make your soups the right way without spending a fortune, the following pages provide information on the main ingredients and how these soups are consumed in the Kingdom. Note that in Thailand, beef is not a very popular meat, so these very traditional soups are made with chicken, pork and seafood.


All our books come with personalised advice. If you have any questions about certain recipes or ingredients, write to us and we will reply shortly.


Because cooking is a pleasure to share, all the recipes are for two people. They are moderately spicy by Western standards.

  • Details

    PDF file that can be viewed on a computer screen, tablet or mobile phone. It is compatible with most ebook readers.

    47 pages.

  • Contents


    Chicken stock

    Fried garlic

    Rice soups

    Rice soup with pork ribs

    Fish and shiitake mushroom soup

    Congee with pork meatballs

    Thai doughnuts


    Rice noodle soups

    Red seafood soup

    Pork soup with kale

    Boat noodle soup

    Spicy pork rib soup


    Egg noodle soups

    Marinated pork soup

    Prawn wonton soup

    Calamari and soft egg soup

    Bamboo soup with crispy noodles


    Spicy and sour soups

    Chilli paste

    Prawn soup - tom yam kung

    Fish soup with lotus stems

    Fish soup with snake fruit

    Fish soup with herbs

    Chicken soup with tamarind leaves


    Soups with coconut cream

    Chicken and galangal soup - tom kha kai

    Banana blossom soup

    Prawn soup with melinjo leaves

    Glass noodle soup with wax gourd

    Pumpkin and prawn soup


    Clear soups

    Chicken soup with pickled lime and wax gourd

    Pork meatball soup with oyster mushrooms

    Pork rib soup with jujubes and goji berries

    Pork rib soup with daikon and calamari

    Stuffed cucumber soup

    Stuffed calamari soup

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