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Courses for professionals 

These private courses, for one to two participants, are adapted to your professional needs. We offer you to discover or deepen your knowledge of Thai cuisine through an immersion course in Koh Samui.

Each day of the course starts at 9am. We meet at the fresh market near the school to buy the ingredients of the day and then we cook the dishes you have selected from a menu of over 200 dishes. We can pick you up at your hotel if it is in the Fisherman Village area.

The courses take place in an air-conditioned environment (the average temperature on Koh Samui is 30°C) with modern equipment (induction, electronic thermometers, etc.) but also traditional equipment (stone mortar, wok, etc.).

The pace of these courses is fast, so they are reserved exclusively for professionals (restaurant owners, caterers, etc.). We prepare eight dishes per day, which represents about five to six hours of cooking, depending on the dishes you have chosen. After each dish, we take a short break for tasting. 

You can choose 24 or 48 dishes, spread over three or six days of the course, organised in blocks of three days. You can therefore do six days continuously or take a break of one or more days between two blocks of three days.

These courses are private, so they can start on the day of your choice. Contact us at least one month in advance to book. We teach in English, French and German.

The price of the course is THB 25,000 for 24 dishes and THB 40,000 for 48 dishes, all inclusive, for one or two people. Recipe books (ebooks) are provided and once back home, you can contact us as much as you like if you have any further questions.

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